A quick, monthly running recap of the things I’ve made, seen and am supporting.


Work Things

Had the honor of participating in a show about making shows with my friends at Wistia.  We talked about everything from how to get buy in across your company to what it takes to turn your idea into a pitch.  Last but not least, we broke down why it’s absolutely necessary to tell your story across platforms and how short-form assets can help expand, support, and extend the lifecycle of a single show or video.  I’ll be sure to share the episodes as they become available.

PS - Being on the other side of the camera is not easy, the Wistia crew made it a breeze for me - so a gentle reminder to be kind and in tune with your talent.

Creative Things

I visited some dear friends in NYC and we went to Tyler Mitchell’s “I Can Make You Feel Good” exhibit at the ICP.  I was blown away by the premise of the project.  His execution and approach made my heart and mind race.  There are countless things to say about the work but his use of perspective (hanging screens from the ceiling and creating 180 walkthroughs) are mind blowing.  I cried while laying on the astro turf of the white picket fence, staring up at his imagery moving above me. 


Incredible Things

I am grateful to be surrounded by incredible people doing incredible things that they believe in.  This month they include:

  1. Danny and Will Madden and the debut of their feature “Beast, Beast” at Sundance.
  2. Lorelei Bandrovschi announcing her world tour of Listen Bar and bringing people together for Dry January.
  3. Megs Gelfgot making her debut at TEDxCincinnatiWomen.
  4. Saskia Rysenbry for launching Precious Plastics and funding the next stage of her empowerment centre in India.