Hi. I’m Mykim.
I’m a full stack creator who works across mediums.          

          I craft short films, original series, digital strategies + am constantly exploring the limits of visual formats.

My first entrepreneurial venture, a custom made, skateboard design company was forged with my life long friend at the age of 17.  

When I’m not busy making, you can find me exploring digital privacy, in the ocean, making music, or capturing the stories of those people and places that inspire me to continue exploring.

Featured Work          


As a result of my endless fascination with small screen storytelling, I was able to work with Curated by Facebook - a digital platform dedicated to sharing stories on the people, brands, and ideas shaping digital culture.

I joined them at C2 Montreal where I led an immersive Vertical Film School, teaching the audience about what we can all learn from classic film techniques when applying them to the vertical frame.

I also served as the social video editor cutting mobile first content including “The Crowd Sings Back,” a 7-part part series dedicated to the memes and ideas that go viral and have a positive impact on culture, as well as “Stories With,” a creator driven tutorial series highlighting some of the most innovative artists across Facebook and Instagram.  “Stories With” breaks down their use of the platform’s native tools, inspiring audiences to create next level Stories content.

Featured Work          


Go behind the scenes of the extensive recipe development process that makes America’s Test Kitchen a tried and true household name.

This YouTube serial follows the Cooks and their recipes from concept to conclusion.  From the first encounter out on the road through the rigorous process in the Test Kitchen, this series is equal parts personal journey and culinary examination. 

As the Executive Producer, I led creative development, managed the production team, and also tagged in to shoot and edit multiple episodes.