Hi. I’m Mykim.
I’m a full stack creator who works across mediums.          

          I craft brand narratives, original series, digital strategies + am constantly exploring the limits of visual formats.

My first entrepreneurial venture, a custom made, skateboard design company was forged with my life long friend at the age of 17.  

When I’m not making, you’ll likely find me immersed in multiple books, exploring digital ethics + generative AI, in the water, or facilitating pathways to nature as a means to reconnect with ourselves and each other.

Featured Work          


I worked with Meta to create multiple experiments, prototypes and curriculums that explored the creative frontiers of mobile video.

I joined them at C2 Montreal where I led an immersive Vertical Film School, teaching the audience about what we can all learn from classic filmmaking techniques when applying them to the vertical frame.

I also served as the social video editor packaging mobile first content including “The Crowd Sings Back,” a 7-part part series dedicated to the memes and ideas that go viral and impact culture, as well as “Stories With,” a creator driven how-to series highlighting some of the most innovative artists across Facebook and Instagram.  “Stories With” demonstrated creative applications of the platform’s native tools, inspiring audiences to create innovative and unique IG Stories content.

Featured Work          


This past Winter (2023) I had the honor of studying at The School For Poetic Computation and began my exploration into the world of creative coding through the practice of Algorithmic Botany.  The class was taught by two incredible artists, Sean Catangui and Matt Jacobson and co-created by a wonderful cohort of interdisplinary makers with a shared love of the natural world.  

Using p5.js, we dove into the world of simulating nature through algorithms including L-systems and Cellular Automata.  Here is one of my favorite sketches from the class based on manipulations of L-systems.  

As I continue new experiments and explorations within the realm of generative AI and the implications on creativity, I’m excited to apply what I have learned and unlearned through the community at SFPC.